General practical matters

Is it safe to travel to Indonesia?

Yes, Indonesia is a safe travel destination. In 2010, the US Ambassador acknowledged that Indonesia had successfully intensified the current security and safety measures in order to minimize even the smallest risk of terrorist attacks. However, travelers should be aware of other, more common risks, such as motorcycle accidents and the prevalence of local diseases.

Is there any particular clothing you suggest?

Because of the warm and relatively humid climate, everything lightweight and airy is recommended. Casual beachwear will suffice; T-shirts, tank tops, shorts, dresses and skirts are common wear with visiting tourists. During temple visits, stricter regulations apply, as sarongs are mandatory and bare shoulders are not appreciated. A hat, thongs and walking shoes will also prove useful. Please be aware that some restaurants and clubs have their own specific dress code.

Can I change money in Bali?

Yes, there are many money-changing facilities on the island. We recommend the services of two major companies: PT BMC and PT Central Kuta. They offer the most favorable rates, don’t charge any commission and are highly trustworthy. In addition, there are many ATMs for easy money withdrawal. Dependent on your bank, a commission might be charged.

What about electricity?

Bali has 24-hour electricity supply. In the very rare case of a black out, Villa Samuan has an electric generator that can run non-stop during two weeks. We use 220 Volt electrical outlets and offer the standard plug sockets fit for two round pins. For your convenience, each room has a universal plug available. When bringing you own audio and video equipment, please make sure you have the right plugs and cords. Practical matters concerning the villa

What kind of facilities do the villas have?

Each villa has its own living room, bale, well-equipped kitchen, garden, pool, and private gate. Villa Siki has three bedrooms, including one room with two double beds, one twin bedroom and one master bedroom. Villa Kalih has two bedrooms, including one master bedroom and one twin bedroom. All bedrooms are air-conditioned. Villa Siki also offers an air-conditioned entertainment room, with a wide-screen 3D television and comfortable sofa for up to ten people. The three-bedroom villa also has a massage room with outdoor bathtub and shower. A portable massage table is provided for the two-bedroom Villa Kalih.

Are the villas air-conditioned?

All bedrooms are equipped with air-conditioning. As our living rooms and bales are open, they are all provided with a ceiling fan. These spaces can be closed by glass sliding doors in case of heavy rain.

How can I keep in touch with family, friends and business contacts?

Wi-Fi Internet is freely available in Villa Samuan and mobile phone reception is good throughout the villa. Every room is equipped with a telephone for you to make international calls.

Do you offer laundry service?

Yes, for laundry service we collaborate with external parties. Depending on your wishes, we bring your laundry to either a standard or high-level company.

Can we rent a car or motorbike?

We don’t offer cars and motorbikes ourselves, but we can certainly help you to find a decent renting company.

How many staff members do you employ and what is their schedule?

We employ a total of twelve staff members, among whom one manager, five butlers, one chef, one engineer, two security guards and two gardeners. They work in three shifts: morning, afternoon and night. A butler is invisibly present from 7 am until 11 pm, but can stay longer upon request. If preferred, we guarantee your full privacy. The security staff is present from the afternoon until the early morning (7 am) and is there to secure your safety. In addition, they make sure that the lights are out and do whatever necessary to make the property ready for the night.

What is your tipping policy?

In order to thank the staff for the service provided, you have the possibility to reward them collectively with a tip. The tip will be distributed equally among all staff members. We prefer tip sharing above individual tipping

I am planning on bringing my maid, is there anywhere she can stay?

We have one extra bed available that can be set up in one of the rooms. Please let us know in advance, so that we can make the arrangements.

Is it possible to have lunch and/or dinner at the Villa?

Yes, it is. Our staff can prepare you a good lunch. For dinner, we have a qualified chef available six days a week, from 3 pm until 11 pm. Our chef prepares dinner on an exceptionally high level and is familiar with both the Western and Asian kitchen. For lunch and dinner, you only pay the cost price of the ingredients and an additional 15% service fee. If you prefer to cook yourself, both villas have a private kitchen and refrigerator.

Is it possible to organize a special event at Villa Samuan?

Yes, it is. We can arrange events for groups between 25 and 30 people. Please inform us in advance about your plans and wishes, and we will do our best to accommodate your requests. We will also arrange the necessary permit by the local Banjar, which is required by Indonesian law.

What kind of spa treatments do you offer?

We offer a broad range of spa treatments, from basic to highly sophisticated. Depending on your preferences, we have both male and female villa therapists.

Bringing your children

What kind of entertainment do you have for children?

We have hosted many families with children. When it comes to water activities, we have pool noodles, boogie boards and other beach toys. In addition, we have a brand-new entertainment room with a wide-screen 3D television.

Do you have babysitters available?

Yes, we do. We collaborate with an external company that offers highly reliable babysitters. We only select the most experienced babysitters that speak English very well. If you need a babysitter, please let us know a couple of days in advance so that we can make the arrangements.

About the local culture

What is the local culture like?

Although Seminyak can be considered a somewhat Westernized enclave, the local culture is still undoubtedly present. Hinduism has shaped the Balinese culture and its marks can be found everywhere; from the many temples to the unique rituals that characterize Bali’s daily life.

Are there any temples in the neighborhood we can visit?

The nearest temple in Seminyak is the Petitenget temple, which was built in the 15th century and is still being used. The Petitenget temple is located only a five-minute walk from the villa. Every month during full moon, a big ceremony is held. The ceremony dates are based on the Balinese calendar, so please ask our staff for current events.

I would like to visit some other villages to discover the real Bali. Could you customize a trip to my interests?

Yes, we can arrange any kind of island trip you want. We highly recommend the Eco cycling tour from Beratan Lake, where you cycle 25 kilometers downhill through genuine Balinese villages and unspoiled landscapes.

Should I bring gifts for the villagers?

No, that is not necessary. If you wish to help the local people, you could consider buying some handicrafts from local shops. It will be highly appreciated by all. What kind of items can I buy at the villages? The locals sell many kinds of handicrafts, such as baskets, batik, sarongs and other traditional wear. They can be bargained for and purchased directly from the villagers.

What should I wear when visiting the villages?

Appropriate attire would be a T-shirt or top that covers the shoulders, combined with shorts or a sarong. When visiting a temple, a sarong is mandatory most of the time, as well as covered shoulders.

Medical matters

How do I protect myself against bugs?

Our bedrooms are air-conditioned and we always spray them with an insect repellent in the evening. In addition, we fog our property several times a month to keep bugs at a minimum. However, we do provide insect repellent in your room. If you wish to bring it yourself, any repellent with DEET will do. A spray-on or roll-on type is recommended.

Is there any special type of medicine I should bring?

We advise you to bring your own personal medicine. In case you need anything else, a pharmacy is located only ten minutes from the villa. A first-aid kit is available at the villa.

In case of a medical emergency, is there a hospital nearby?

The most sophisticated clinic is Sanglah Hospital in Denpasar City, located a twenty-minute drive from the villa. In general, Bali has a vast amount of hospitals, many of which accommodated to international standards. Other clinics are Kasih Ibu Hospital, Surya Husada Hospital, Bali International Medical Center and the International SOS Clinic.

What kind of emergency medical supplies do you have at the resort?

Yes, we have comprehensive first-aid supplies at the villa. In addition, we have medication for the treatment of headaches, diarrhea, mosquito bites and fever. If needed, we can always call you a doctor. An extra charge applies for this service.

Is there any risk of contracting Malaria?

Bali is Malaria-free. However, Dengue fever is more common. Since the Dengue mosquito is only active in the late afternoon, we recommend to also use repellent at daytime.

Beach and surfing

Do you have boogie boards and other beach equipment?

Yes, we have boogie boards. Surfboards can be rented at the beach.

We will bring our surfboards. Is there anything else needed for surfing?

Just bring the usual, such as wax, extra heavy-duty leashes, booties, rash shirts, surf cap, sunscreen with a high SPF factor, first aid kit, extra fins and travel-sized ding repair kit.

Could you tell me some more about the nearest surf spots?

The Uluwatu area offers the best breaks, but is located somewhat far away (a one-hour drive, approximately). Kuta, Seminyak and Canggu beach are perfect for beginners. The period best for surfing reaches from March to the end of April, and September through November.

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